Empowering Children in Uganda

A Heart for Orphans

The situation for children in Kampala, Uganda is concerning and life threatening. Education, food, clean water and diseases such as Malaria are a big challenge for their villages right now.  I hope to be a "voice for the voiceless" as we fear that these families have been forgotten and their stories are not being told.  Learn how just one person at a time can inspire one of these orphaned children and even an entire community.  

I give 10% of each Home Decorating Project Price to the Zion Children's Orphanage.  The Zion Children's Orphanage is a non-government organization that I communicate with regularly and I trust. They have over 100 children under their care and help many more in their outreach program in the surrounding villages.  They give orphaned children a roof over their head, provide food and clean water, give basic medical supplies as well as daily hope and inspiration.

To the left, is a picture of a boy named Sam who passed away from Kidney disease just this year. He is holding the Teddy Bear and card we sent him shortly before his passing.  He did not survive because his family could not afford his dialysis treatments.  Zion Children's Orphanage did everything they could to save his life and raise the money needed, while also spending time at his bedside to encourage him.  This is simply the reality for some in Uganda; the people with money and resources survive, and the ones who do not, do not survive. The hospital would not even release his body until we raised enough money to pay his bills.  We are very grateful that was accomplished so that his family could have a proper burial for Sam.  His mother and four other children are living in a small village outside of Kampala.

Givers, resources, and contacts are needed to help educate the vulnerable and save the sick.

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Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child, you play an important role in his or her education to attend school, receive school supplies and eat three meals per day. The picture to the right is our sponsored child named Swalik.

Learn how to sponsor a child:


If you're not ready to sponsor a child, yet you would like to contribute in some way, you can help by donating $5 for one mosquito net.

Mosquito nets greatly reduce the risk of Malaria which is on the rise in Uganda.  An average of 47 children per day are dying from Malaria. 

Imagine yourself trying to get a good night sleep, yet you worry all night about bugs and contracting infectious diseases from mosquitoes. 

If you want to protect one child through the night, please click here:

One Mosquito Net at a Time YouCaring Campaign:


The Zion Children's Orphanage Team

If you have:

  • Questions to ASK
  • Ideas to SHARE
  • Resources that could HELP or 
  • People you know who CARE

Please message me or email the Founder:

Serwanga Joel and the Director Sebakiwa Alex Pius

ZionChildrensMinistry@outlook.com or call the orphanage +256783000171. 

Inquisitive minds and caring hearts, we would love to hear your ideas of how we can help these children.

For Where Your Treasure is, there will be Your Heart Also.

Matthew 6:21